Class Registration Instructions


(Through the GrowTix site for Pinners)  |  GrowTix (Your Tickets) LOG-IN PAGE:

We know ticket registration can sometimes be confusing. Here's some detailed help if you find yourself in need :)
You first need to buy a ticket (or tickets) of course. You should then get a confirmation e-mail with a giant, square QR Code on it. Then your class-picking adventure can begin. *If any e-mail is missing in any of the steps check your Junk e-mail folder. Junk e-mail filters cause about half of the problems in these steps. Okay, here we go:

1. You first have to create an account by logging-in. Go to the Log-in page above or here.

2. That brings you here. If it's your first time here, don't fill in the boxes. Click the link above the e-mail that says "Not signed up? Click here to sign up."

That brings you here (below). Fill out all info and do the Captcha. Use the same e-mail that you ordered the tickets with. Click "Sign Up" at the bottom.

 This seems to be the tricky step. Now GrowTix needs to know that the person who just signed up with your e-mail is really you! It will go to this screen (below). It has also sent a verification e-mail to your inbox (or junk mail...check your junk mail!) that looks like the e-mail below on the right. The safest way to verify your e-mail is to copy and paste the verification code in your e-mail (the example below begins with "9C112...") into the Verifiction Code box of GrowTix and then hit "Verify Email". (The reason copy & pasting is better is that if pop-up blockers are turned on, clicking the blue link sometimes doesn't work. If you'd like to try the "Click Here" email blue button link however, click it and then come back to the GrowTix page and hit "Verify Email").

*Another possible verification e-mail problem is that you've waited a long time to do your code and your browser has timed out and needs refreshed. This will result in a message that says something like "there was a problem, incorrect verification code, or maybe another issue." If this happens, refresh the Email Verification page (below), resend yourself a Vertification Email (the blue button) and try the process again with the new email it sends you.

Hitting the green "Verify Email" button successfully above will make this page (below) appear. Go to the top, right of the page to your name and click on the drop-down schedule. From the drop-down schedule choose "My Schedule".

(Other options: Profile = Shows your info. By your e-mail there should be a green button that says "Verified; My Orders = will go to all ticket orders you've ever made through GrowTix; My Vouchers = free tickets that may have been sent to you through GrowTix; My Schedule = goes to your indivdual tickets and their classes options)

This takes you to where you manage each indivdual ticket order's schedule (classes). It's called My Schedule page (below). If you have more than one ticket, this is where you can change the ticket's name. Clicking on the "Manage Schedule" button will take you to where that ticket picks classes.

*If you bought tickets for others, they'll need to log-in with your log-in e-mail and password, then come here to the My Schedule page to chose thier ticket and Mangae their Schedule.

This (below) is what the Class Selection page looks like. There are two tabs at the top; one for Friday & one for Saturday. The green button by each class will let you select (and deselect) a class. You may log back on and change you class schedule up until the day before the show, at which time all pre-registration ends. Classes are still available as stand-by's on the day of the show (and stand-by seats will be available).

We hope this helps. We can't wait to see you at the show!
If you need further help please call 801.822.1333 or e-mail Kendall here (although the above is the extent of his knowledge:). GrowTix's Rob is a third option at 801.204.6837. Thank you everyone!